Labor Lawyers in Las Vegas

Starting as an employment law firm, the firm branched out into the area of labor law. We represent over a dozen labor organizations in both the private and public sector. The firm has successfully litigated before the Nevada EMRB.

A cross-section of past/current labor unions and organizations we have represented are:

  1. North Las Vegas Police Supervisors Association
  2. Clark County Deputy Marshals Association
  3. Police Officers Association of the Clark County School District
  4. Police Administrators Association of the Clark County School District
  5. Las Vegas Peace Officers Association
  6. Las Vegas Peace Officers Supervisors Association
  7. Las Vegas Police Managers and Supervisors Association
  8. Nye County Law Enforcement Association
  9. Nye County Association of Sheriffs Supervisors
  10. National Latino Police Officers Association – Clark County Chapter, Las Vegas
  11. Service Employees International Union Local 1107
  12. Teamsters Local 14
  13. International Association of Firefighters Local 4068

We are covered as “Plan” attorneys for:

  1. Fraternal Order of Police (“FOP”) Legal Defense Fund,
  2. Police Officers Research Association of California (“PORAC”) Legal Defense Fund,
  3. Professional Law Enforcement Association (“PLEA”) Legal Defense Fund.

We can represent you in any step of the disciplinary process, including arbitration.